Azienda Agricola Bricco di Neive Dante Rivetti | The winery
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The winery

This is where everything is nurtured and flourishes. With his staff, Ivan Rivetti takes care of the winery, assisted by “scientist winemaker” Donato Lanati of Enosis Meraviglia research centre fame. A blend of technical innovation and the savoir faire of days gone by.


Wine is born in the vineyard and “grows” in the winery.


For the red wines, the stalks are usually removed from the clusters when the grapes are crushed. The strictly controlled-temperature fermentation takes place using the traditional system of pumping the must over the cap.


Maturing then follows, mostly in oak casks and barrels of different capacities for periods that vary according not only to the quality of the vintage, but above-all the label those grapes will represent.


For the white varieties, soft pressing produces a must that undergoes the slow fermentation ideal for safeguarding the fresh aromas and typical fruitiness of the grapes.

The Tasting Room

The demonstration that the Dante Rivetti estate is not simply a winery can be felt nowhere more than in the tasting room.


A place where – thanks to the hospitality of the Rivetti family and under the guidance of Luciana and her daughters Katia and Mara – the estate’s wines are, first-and-foremost, understood instead of simply drunk, savoured rather than mechanically sampled; and everything is rounded off by pairings with the finest products of the Langa.


For Dante Rivetti, understanding an area ‘passes’ above-all through its wine and food culture.